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Pneumatic Control valves

Pneumatic Control valves and Its Advantages:


Pneumatic valves are single associated with an collection of mechanism  responsible for scheming the heaviness, rate, and quantity of air as it move during a pneumatic business. Pneumatic organization, which rely upon the force of large air to communicate control, can be institute in many developed submission, from pneumatic substance heaviness equipment to diesel engines. choose the best control regulators to normalize system heaviness, bearing of stream, and rate of surge is essential when manipulative watering power circuitry. Pneumatic control valves  are usually used since of their ease, as they only desire a thick air provide, whereas electrically-operate valves need extra wiring and switch mechanism, and hydraulically-actuate valves necessary high force supply and review appearance for the hydraulic liquid.


  • Variety of porting options for plumbing convenience
  • Numerous configurations for added versatility
  • Flow rates range from 2.90 to 57 scfm at 125 psi
  • Poppet or spool designs

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